Pay It Forward

Our Pay It Forward scheme is a great way to gift charities, community groups and other not for profits some specialist support. 

A direct donation is always appreciated by smaller organisations but it's impact can be limited and short-lived.  The gift of time can be a challenge too with non-specialist staff supporting with the best of intentions but perhaps not the skills most needed.

That's where we come in.  As a business, group or individual, you can gift our specialist services to charities, community groups and other not for profits, providing them with the support they really need but cannot afford themselves.

There's plenty of choice in where and how your gift is spent.  You may have an organisation in mind already.  You may want to support a group with a specific cause or alignment to your own values.  You may also be happy for us to direct your gift to where we can see it is most needed.

Once your gift has been delivered, you'll receive an impact report to show the difference you have made.

Our minimum gift is 3 hours (£90) as any less means we might struggle to make a meaningful impact for you and your receiving group.

One off gifts, regular gifts and group gifts are all available.  This could even be the ideal way for you to build a long lasting relationship with an organisation.


For more information, e-mail